“Each time I want to fight for African rights, I use only one hand”- Benjamin Burombo


It seems almost difficult to get our African brothers and sister to rally around a fight for the good of all hence, those who are willing to lead the revolution of Africa are always hesitant in doing so.

When you take one step forward, some negative people will pull you back hundred times.

Benjamin Burombo once said ; “Each time I want to fight for African rights, I use only one hand —because the other hand is busy trying to keep away Africans who are fighting me.”

It is an explicit fact that most Africans do not like working together towards a positive goal. We tend to fight against those who stand out to fight for the interest of our own good.

We’ve seen so many attacks on personalities who constructively criticise a sitting government. The most funny aspect of it all is that, those you fight for are the very ones who’ll stand against you.

This is beyond comprehension.

Who is Benjamin Burombo?

Benjamin Burombo (1909-1959) was a labor union leader and black nationalist in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Born in Buhera in Manicaland, he worked in South Africa, and then in Bulawayo, where he formed the British African National Voice Association in 1947.

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