Berita’s Life Changing Move.


Berita, a South African Afro-soul singer, has secured her seat in the big leagues.

The melodic singer recently announced that she has been appointed as a chairperson at the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA).

According to her, this appointment means so much to her as this is a very big win. Especially because she is a young black woman who is also an independent record label owner.

Again, it will allow her to make important decisions for the music industry now and in future.

She shared the exiting news on Instagram.

“Today I take a seat at the RISA table, I have been appointed as a board member of the Recording Industry of South Africa. I am looking forward to getting acquainted with RISA at a board level. This seat affords me the opportunity to contribute to the present and future of our industry. As a young black female artist and independent record label owner this is a big win. We are in! We are within! We are inside!” She wrote.

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