Bishop Makamu Got Arrested.


Leader of Endless Hope Bible Church, Bishop Makamu, arrested again after several attempts to get his name out of wrong deeds.

According to reports, the Bishop was arrested in relation to the alleged sex scandal involving a former employee. 

Also, it was reported by Daily Sun that, the National Prosecuting Authority Of South Africa (NPA) confirmed that Bishop was charged with sexual assault.

The case relates to an incident that allegedly happened in his church office in Alrode during September 2018” Said by Phindi Mjonondwane from the NPA.

Phindi then confirmed that Bishop appeared at the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court which decided to release him on bail of R2000.

In his response to the allegations, the Bishop denied asking the woman for sex and said he was asking for his church office keys instead.

He made many claims suggesting that the family tampered with the recording to make it seem as though it was anything suspicious.

The Bishop responded to many allegations when interviewed as a guest on Moja Love’s AmaBishop.

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