Black Coffee’s Vicious Clapback Injures Tweep.


Popular South African DJ and record producer, Black Coffee engages in brawls with tweeps.

The DJ is known in these Twitter streets to not be messed with as he never backs down from a fight – literally.

This is following his marital problems that have taken the centre stage dominating headlines across various media platforms in South Africa.

For the recent times, social media has been abuzz lately after the two estranged lovers have been throwing some heated words at each other.

Black Coffee have been accused of various drama including abuse of all kinds by Enhle Mbali.

They also involved the children in their messy divorce battle until Black Coffee put an end to it.

The DJ also accused his wife of trying to pit him and his children against each other.

The last time the couple trended was when he was accused, by Enhle, of leaving her and the kids in the dark by cutting off their electrical supply.

After his tweet where he attempts Durban Gogo’s Kuza Gogo challenge whilst wrapped up in what looks like electrical bulbs.

Tweeps misunderstood his intentions as they thought he was trying to shade his wife.

In his latest tweet of him performing in Moskova, a tweep questioned him if he has settled his wife’s bills.

DJ Black Coffee gave what most have crowned his most lethal and hilarious clap back to date. He pulled a ‘This You?” on the tweep and asked why he wants to intervene by settling the electrical bill because he cannot even afford a 2L bottle of Oros.

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