“Blog money can not buy Range Rover” Tweep tells Ameyaw Debrah after he flaunted a customized Range Rover in his name.


-Blogger Ameyaw Debrah calls for trolls from Tweeps for flaunting somebody’s Range Rover.

-The car’s number plate is customized in his name ‘Ameyaw 21-21’.

-Tweeps suggests he can’t buy the car with blog money.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, professionally known as Ameyaw Debrah, is one of the most recognised Ghanaian celebrity bloggers.

He is the founder and CEO of AmeyawDebrah.com, a popular entertainment website that mostly publishes news about celebrities in Ghana and across the world.

In one of his daily social media posts today, he posted a photo of a nice Range Rover car with his name, ‘Ameyaw’ as the registration number.

Some of his followers stormed the comment section of his post with congratulatory messages thinking it was his new ride.

Meanwhile, the car is said to belong to a different guy who also bears the same name as Ameyaw.

A twitter user out of nowhere took to the comment saying blog’s money can’t buy Range Rover.

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