Bobrisky k*sses a man in a video, netizens react


Bobrisky is a Nigerian transgender woman and LGBT personality. She is also known for her presence on the social media apps Snapchat and Instagram.

Nigerian transgender was the most searched personality in Nigeria from October 26 to November 2016 but now much has been heard from her for the past few months

In a new video that is trending online, Bobrisky was in a car with a young man having a chat. The one man is heard fkatterin Bobrisky and he suddenly asked “k!ss or slap?”. Bobrisky quicky chose k!ss and the young man gave Bobrisky a peck.

The video got many reactions in Instagram.

the_vibes_soldier wrote “Man k!ss man agbako”

ask4_vanessa added “abeg where she hire the boy from? My mind dey tell me say na ibadan”

iamyetundebakare also asked “Where’s the kiss is that a kiss or peckna so gossipmill dey k!ss ???”

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