Bobrisky Reveals Who he is doing his “Nyash” to Please


Bobrisky has revealed whom he’s hustling to have his “Nyash” enlarged for.

In a post shared on Instagram, the controversial socialite said he made the decision to go do liposuction because he want to please his boyfriend whom he describes as “Cute”

He went further to give other attributes of the supposed boyfriend as “Dark skin, cute lips, billionaire” among others.

Homosexuality is not legal in Nigeria yet but Bobrisky undoubtedly is a pioneer in all of these dealings with the 29 year old switching to cross dress before going for surgeries to enhance his look.

Bobrisky had earlier shared his experience of how painful the surgery process was and was heard screaming in an audio when he was being massaged

The youngman is determined to have a new look and does not seem like stopping at anything

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