Born again Moesha Boduong want her slay queen friends to change; ‘I will still be friends with them’


For whatever reason, actress Moesha Boduong has lived under the “Bad Girl” cloud for years with no apparent reason.

The curvy socialite even though has not been rocked with any major scandal have that hard girl look.

That is never to say Moesha has never been in the news for bad reasons, in fact she has on a number of times.

In her interview with CNN’s Christine Amanpour somewhere around 2018, Moesha revealed in Ghana most young women like herself depend on Older successful men to live their dream lives.

Her interview generated lot of controversy with backlash, she has in separate interview with Emelia Brobbey said she cannot date a man she drives a better car than.

These pronouncements have casted her in bad light.

Fast forward mid 2021, Ghanaians woke up to news that Moesha Boduong has repented with her going to church to give testimony and even delete all her revealing pictures on her Instagram page.

To many doubters, these were for the cameras but it looks serious that it seem as Moesha reportedly is serious about changing from her old ways and embracing Jesus Christ as her savior

When a follower asked her to move away from her old friends she she claim to have repented, Moesha said she having Christ in her life does not mean she would discard her friends completely but instead she would be friends with them and also pray they are touched by God.

While at it, rumours has it that, Moesha’s swift change is because Marriage is knocking at her door.

Some have alleged there is a man from an affluent family who intend marrying Moesha but his parents are not sure of the socialite being a wife material and has asked her to prove that she is indeed ready to settle down hence her swift change of lifestyle on social media.

Her picture with Kofi Asamoah a movie director and producer is making people asking if Kofi Asamoah is the man who is said to be leaving his boot to marry Moesha or not ?

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