Both NPP and NDC gave us bad governance.


The New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress are the two giant political parties in Ghana.

Since the adoption of Democratic system of governance, NDC led by Jerry John Rollins, Atta Mills and John Mahama have been elected to rule the country for sixteen years and the NPP are also now on their journey to the sixteenth year.

After ruling the country for so many years, Ghanaians are not happy about the slow level of development in the county.  According to what we’re witnessing,  we have everything but we seem to have nothing.

Ghanaians believe these two parties have not been able to solve the country’s problems adequately. Ghanaians are facing inflation leading to the hardships in the lives of the majority  in the country. 

Prices of goods and services are on the rise but salaries are not increasing in the same rate, making the standard of living high in the country.

The youth are asking government to fix the country by providing Ghanaians with a smooth economic structure to enable citizens to have decent work, earning ends meet to improve their living conditions.

From the look of things, Ghanaians are very disappointed and tired of these two parties’ inability to develop the country, hence the question “which option do we have?”

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