Bridget Otoo Calls on Shatta Wale to lead a Street Protest against happenings in Ghana.


Bridget Otoo has asked Shatta Wale to consider leading a street protest against recent happenings in Ghana.

The journalist vis-a-vis social commentators said in a tweet that, should Shatta Wale decide to hold such protest, she’s always going to be In support.

This was in reaction to an earlier post Shatta Wale shared on his handle calling in Ghanaian youth to move beyond just talking in Twitter and mounting real pressure on those in authority.

The Shatta Movement boss in his tweet below asked the youth to rise and never be timid.

This tweet was in reaction to the ongoing feud at Ejura where three persons halve died so far with ig here injured.

In a reaction to the above tweet, Bridget Otoo said it’s never like the youth are not putting in enough pressure but then the government is purely using malicious means to clamp down on critics.

She charges Shatta Wale to consider leading a street protest and thus if he do. She’s always going to be there to support.

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