Bridget Otoo details why no Politician can match Sammy Gyamfi’s level of communication despite his young age


Bridget Otoo has heaped praises on NDC Communicator Sammy Gyamfi and almost run out of terms to describe his brilliance.

According to Bridgit Otoo, communicators of the opposition party NPP cannot in anyway debate with facts facing Sammy Gyamfi as a result use their old age to draw conclusions.

Sammy Gyamfi is no doubt one of the very best out there but the aggressive nature in which make his statements is the worrying reason many labeled him as disrespectful.

But in that is not entirely the case with Bridget Otoo who views her fellow NDC man as an unapologetic communicator and lawyer.

“When they can’t debate you with facts then they bring in your age or call you disrespectful.Sammy Gyamfi is one YOUNG unapologetic, brilliant lawyer, Communicator and politician.I Stan and Re-Stan!” She wrote

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