Broken Heart at the doorstep of Runtown as his model girlfriend reportedly breakup with him.


The relationship between Nigerian Singer Runtown and his South Sudanese girlfriend has reportedly ended in tears.

Adut Akech has successfully established herself as one of the most influential models in the world and stole the heart of the Nigerian Musician.

The two of doesn’t hesitate to share lovely moments together via their respective social media pages which gave them a status of perfect couples from many of the app users.

While we were busy tagging them as perfect couples, the two may have been engaging in serious misunderstandings that they maturely failed to bring to the hearing of the public.

Adut held a question and answer session on her snapchat page and an inquisitive fan question her if she is single.

Shockingly, the Model replied she is single and ready to mingle with any man that made himself available and hood enough for her to accept.

This may have just be a confirmation that her relationship with the Mad Over You singer has been blown away.

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