Burna boy Heavily Jabs Lady Who Called Him out for Using Sufferings in Africa to Make Money


Nigerian Singer and African Giant, Burna Boy, has replied a lady who called him out over the type of message his music sends.

According to the lady, Burna Boy’s songs send the wrong message about Africa and it makes it seem as though people living in the continent live in the Jungle.

She wrote;

Bruhh I hate it when African Artistes especially a Nigerian artiste uses the ‘Africans Suffering’ script/story for their own gain.

“Burna does that shit and he needs to stop ASAP!

Stop making it look like we live in the Jungle, Stop Man!

This is what brings insults to our name & Pride fgs.

Other African/Nigerian artistes go out there and talk about the numerous and wonderful talents that come out of Africa and how Africa is one of the most beautiful continents ever, but as an Ape that you are, you want to make us look like we live in the forest”.

Burna was not having none of that and he replied;

“First of all ain’t no “WE” You live in the UK and probably only come to Africa for holidays. You and anybody that thinks like you deserve the worst in life and the afterlife.

You think I need to sing about the truth of the African suffering to gain? Dumb bitch! It takes more away from me, my pockets and my family to sing the truth like I have always done.

 I would be way more comfortable and richer if I didn’t sing the truth about my society. If I wasn’t the MAN I am or if I didn’t have so much integrity, I could have accepted the numerous Millions of dollars I’ve been and continue to be offered by African politicians.

FYI Nobody can make music about Girls, money, and bullshit better than me (I’ve proved this countless times) I just Chose to Speak my Truth and the truth about Africa.

So go and listen to one of the many great talents coming out of Africa and skip “BURNA BOY” if you can’t handle it.

I’m FROM AFRICA! I and my whole extended family LIVE IN AFRICA and it’s always on our minds that the RISK for the things I say and do gets bigger the bigger I get. FUCK SUFFERING and SMILING!”

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