‘By force landing’- Alledged Witch returning from a meeting lands on rooftop in the middle of the night


Before the coming of the Arabians and Europeans, and before the attempt to demonize spirituality, people were born with spacial gift. These gifts help them do things that were not natural. These people were the scientists, healers, warriors, leaders, parents, servants, alchemist, messengers etc.

That was the beauty of their spirits. The bearers/hosts possessed special divine gifts for their missions in life, on this earth. In fact, there are people that went to acquire/buy these gifts from the Okomfo (priest) if they needed it for their life’s purpose. That is witchcraft.

Witchcraft is no only in Africa. It is in all places in the world. Some nations protect and even promote it whiles others without proper knowledge of it, try to destroy it. In Africa, the effect of colonization was so much that they enslaver branded these spirits as evil.

And now so called educated illiterates believe as such. So on national televisions and radios, self acclaimed pastors use them for the extortion projects. That is wrong. Very wrong.

In many African settings, witches and wizards have been afflicting their victims’ lives for no obvious reason. Some people are still skeptical whether or not witches and wizards live, yet there is abundance of proof to substantiate they exist.

A witches camp established at Gambaga, house people presumed of being witches. The irony of this whole witchcraft brouhaha amongst Africans is that a rich mother or father will never be accused of it. A wealthy family or son from a wealthy parentage is always pampered but the poor and destitute always tagged with witchcraft.

Strangely, within the neighborhood of an undisclosed location some members discovered a woman in her 50s miraculously sitting on top of a roof at a very strange hour in the night. What baffles most is that no one understands how she managed to get up there considering the unavailability of a ladder to ascend.

As religious as Africans are, some were heard raining insults on her with others yelling”The Holy Spirit is everywhere and has arrested you in Jesus name.” Wonders shall never end.

You can watch the video below

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