Captain Planet Advice Twene Jonas to beg for his curse to be revoke, warn everyone who supported his insults not to take the curse as some kind of Joke


Legendary Ghanaian Hiplife musician Captain Planet has thrown a piece of advice to Embattled social commentator, Twene Jonas to go and settle things with Elders who reportedly placed a curse on him.

According to him, to place a curse on someone shouldn’t be taken as one of those normal jokes because it is something serious and spiritual which he has witnessed before.

He further made his education clear that should the curse not be revoked, it could end up wiping out whoever is in support of Janas’ insults on the elders if truly it will have any negative effect on the young man.

“This is serious ???? They’re going to wipe out whoever supported the insults. Don’t take it as some kinda joke oo. Twene Jonas should go beg for them to reverse this curses . I’ve seen some b4 (teshie)” The Musician wrote


Twene Jonas has long ago been accused of reining insults on Government officials with the intention of prompting them to the ongoing poor development in the country.

His latest one is a jab to some chiefs whom he clearly believes are of no good benefits to their clan including that of the highly respected Asantehene. His action has led to some elders rumored to be in Bechem placing a curse on him with clams he will die before December and this is something Captain Planet is worried about.

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