Captain Smart arrested by the police: Political witch hunt?


Can the police arrest a journalist if he is refusing to obey their orders?

Journalists can be arrested if they break the law, like anyone else. If the officer’s orders are lawful, and the journalist did not comply, then yes, the journalist violated the law.

The simple answer is, yes. Journalists don’t have any special rights that would prevent them from being arrested. And let’s remember that arrest is different than being prosecuted.

Also, journalists with any high level of journalistic integrity would not do anything to become part of the story. If they are being asked to do something they think is wrong, they should still comply, like any other citizen, and then regroup and report on what they are seeing and how they were treated. If they allow themselves to get arrested, they are making it so that they can’t do their jobs effectively.

Captain Smart has been arrested by the police for what they described as making statements which is an affront to the peace of the country.

The police released a statement to that effect. However, many are claiming this is politically motivated. If Captain Smart has been arrested, them what happens to Kennedy Agyapong.?

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