Captain Smart’s panelist who claimed to have buried pregnant women alive finally arrested by the police


Some people think they can commit crime and repent and nothing will happen, but then also this will deter a lot of people who will willingly confess such acts from coming out but it’s a good way to go anyway, surely his involvement will be linked to many arrests in the coming days.

Good, In the past a lot of people sit on radio and say all kind of things. Some talk about killings and all kind of rituals and go free. Immediately they are saying all kind of these things the police should move in quickly and pick them after the radio shows.

Mr. Felix Ansah who admitted to having slaughtered many individuals for ritual purposes on Onua TV has been apprehended by the police. The ritualist now a repented Christian in an interview with Capital Smart on his Maakye Morning Show on September 2, 2021, asserted to have in the past killed several persons.

The taxi driver called Felix, who is popularly known as De-ghosty, raised eyebrows when he said he was hired by a prominent politician to assist him in one of the elections held in the nation. In the process of enabling him, an expectant mother who was likely due the next month was arrested and buried alive. This according to him, the politician was victorious in the elections. 

He alleged he went to get his spiritual powers from Senegal upon the advice from his friend, said he had reformed and is now a born and again Christian. He added that he shed tears anytime he recalled what he had done.

However, many are not enthused at him for seeing the light and changing from his evil ways, they thought he should be apprehended and charged for the crimes he claimed to have committed.

People, therefore, took to social media to mount pressure on the Ghana Police Service to effect his arrest. In a news release on the official Facebook page of the Ghana Police Service, Felix Ansah has been arrested.

“The police has commenced investigations into claims made by one Felix Ansah, a 35-year old taxi driver, on an interview he granted on Onua TV, September 2, 2021, where he alleged he had killed several persons for spiritual purposes”, part of the statement reads.

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