Caring ex president Mahama stops over to help accident victims on his way, video drop


The good old books say we should lend a helping hand when the need arises and whatsoever we would like men to do unto us, we also have to do unto them.

Youth unemployment remains a daunting challenge for all governments: both in developed and developing countries.

Any policy intervention that therefore seeks to create opportunities for the youth to earn a decent income must be explored.

‘Okada’ business, yes, has safety issues but which transportation mode does not have safety concerns? Even airplanes crash, private cars have accidents and big coaches are involved in accidents. Have we stopped using them? No.

Research has it that an ‘Okada’ operator in Accra makes an average of 400.00 cedis a week. This translates to a gross income of 1,600.00/month. How many jobs in Ghana pay higher than this?

The time has come for our political leaders to bit the bullet and find pragmatic ways of addressing the safety issues and allow young people to earn a living from ‘Okada’ operations as being done in Kigali, Rwandan.

As we contemplate on legalizing it have we also thought of it repercussions. Accidents and armed robbery occurs as a result of okada businesses.

Ex president Mahama chanced upon this guys involved in an accident and he helped them by calling for an ambulance.

You can watch the video below

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