Chioma falls in love again, but not with Davido


– Davido’s Baby mama Chioma has found love again but this time with someone else and not whom we may all expect.

– Davido failed to sort things out with his longtime girlfriend and it’s gradually looking like she has moved on.

Davido and Chioma have been friends back in 2013 when they met in school and begun dating after two years (2015) of friendship, however the two were able to keep their romantic affair away from the public until 2017 when the singer dedicated a song to Chioma titled Assurance and got her staring in the video.

With their relationship already in the public, they went on to introduce their families in 2019, giving hints of possible marriage and that hint looks like a real possibility when they got engaged in Lagos that same year and scheduled a wedding to take place in July 2020.

They welcome their first child together in October 2019 while awaiting the wedding date only for the wedding to be boycotted due to the deadly corona virus that took the entire world by storm.

“Honestly, Coronavirus messed plans up because it was meant to be in July. I have decided it will be some time next year. For now, I want her to work on her business while I work on my album and the kids. I want everything to balance first.” Davido said in an interview at Bounce Radio

Their failed wedding seems to be the beginning of their separation and Fast Forward this year, Davido has been accused of Cheating with rumors coming out each and every moment.

Months ago, A trending video of Davido hanging out with American Rapper Mya Yafai became the hammer blow on their affair and as it stands now they are no more according to multiple sources close to them and Chioma’s Twitter activity on May 7th indicates there’s truly something ongoing behind the scene.

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.” Chioma wrote

Fan’s were waiting eagerly to know the lucky man that will take over the beautiful woman in the name of Chioma but instead she chooses to fall in love with talking to God as she confirm in a post.

“Don’t forget go pray Don’t be too proud to pray, because prayer changes things. I don’t care what the Doctor says, what haters says, what the world says, Prayer changes things,

Many of us have been told we will never make it prayer Changes things. God is never too busy for you. Fall in love with talking to God. You are not going to make it without God. Tell me how life has been without God in your life. You need to tell him that you need him. Tell him that you are tired of figuring things out by yourself. No one fit help you pass as God go help you ooo humans don’t care, God cares.” Chioma stated

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