Choose someone you love over another with material possessions; young people advised

Renowned counsellor Amos Kelvin-Annan has advised young people going into a relationship to place a higher value on love over physical possessions.

Citing experiences on the AM Show on Friday, he said the value of love is incomparable to every other thing.

“It is possible for such people to have a nightmare. There are bills to be paid but there is also a commitment that you need.

“Woe unto you if you have somebody who can pay bills but are not committed to you. You’ll have nightmares of a time, you can get depressed, and you can become suicidal,” he said.

That notwithstanding, Amos Kelvin-Annan indicated that love alone was not enough to sustain any romantic relationship.

According to him, other social values such as respect were needed to make the relationship survive the test of time.

“There is the need for us to appreciate that there is love plus many other things. If I love you but disrespect you, why would you countenance that? If you love me, you will respect me; my views are treated as sacrosanct,” he opined.

“It is not just simply love that we need in forming a relationship. It is love plus many things. You can say you love an individual at the early stage of a relationship, but as the relationship wears on, the love will be tested,” he added.

Speaking to instances where a party in a relationship may decide to be reserved in loving, the Counselor questioned the real motive for such decisions.

He said that people in relationships can only receive as much love as they give to their partners.

“There is a need for us all to appreciate that it is a reciprocal gesture, so you give to get. The reason you are getting is that you are investing in that area…it is either don’t take a sip, or you drink all.”

“It is important that any one of us who get into a loving relationship makes a clear statement that I’m in this for real this,” he said.

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