“Connect with Jesus and you will understand the truth of your circumstances” Wendy Shay preaches


Not one of the things you see regularly from Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay but yes today she is preaching the word of God.

The musician has just turn into a motivational speaker with some Christian preaching directed to her followers and the General public.

Wendy Shay first quoted a popular bible verse “Jesus is the way the Truth and the Life” before going on to explain what one mist do to understand their their life happenings.

“Connect with him and you’ll understand the truth of your Circumstances” Wendy added.

Screenshot of Wendy Shay’s post

Considering the kind of lyrics she spit on her songs, her post has left her followers wondering if she is about to switch from doing circular music to join Yaw Siki and others in church.

Below are some reactions from her followers.

“You too turn osorfo maame anaa ?

“Ala evangelist Wendy shay?

“Prophetess Shay❤️❤️???

Wei de3 y3k)ti asore p333?”

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