Connie Finally Meets Her Siblings As They Celebrated Their Father.


Popular South African TV personality, Connie Ferguson, has finally got a chance to spend some time with her family after a long time.

The businesswoman took to Instagram to share her joy, she said they have been keeping away from each other, for a very long time.

Sunday, 23rd of May, was when the family finally got a chance to gather as they celebrated the 85th birthday of their father.

“I can’t remember the last time I was so happy! My heart is so full! This young man called my Dad turned 85 today! The last time I saw Pops was just before COVID hit! In trying to protect him we stayed away and FaceTimed a lot. Today, heaven and earth had to move for all his seven children and Karate children to gather and celebrate their HERO! 

I have never seen him so happy! He looks younger than he did last year! With the most youthful spirit! And he’s always the first to boast about how good he looks! That his skin is still fresh! That God loves him so much he is a rock! He stands firm and isn’t going anywhere!” She wrote in a lengthy post.

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