Connie’s Father Is A Beast.


Ntate Masilo, the father of Connie Ferguson has proven to be a fitness head just like his daughter.

50-year-old Connie Ferguson is popular South African actress who has been in the movie industry for more decades and is still relevant.

Connie looks much younger and stronger than her age. This is because, she does not play with with fitness lessons just like her father.

In a clip shared by Connie on Instagram, her 85-year-old father was seen working out with much strength and he nailed it despite his age.

Connie is mostly seen honouring her father on social media and even her late mother.

During the anniversary of her mother’s death, she relayed some sweet and heart touching messages to her.

Moms, I will never stop loving you. Never stop missing. I cherish all the memories I have of you. Sometimes,your physical absence doesn’t feel real. Sometimes I think it’s all a dream, that I’ll wake up to a text message from you first thing in the morning. Those were my favourite!” She wrote.

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