Cop sacked after sleeping with a landlady he met on duty and sexting an 18-year-old barmaid


Ricki Vaughan, a 41-year-old police sergeant, was fired after sleeping with a landlady he met on duty and sexting a young barmaid.

After driving to her pub in a police cruiser to plan a charity BBQ, Vaughan was reported to have gone on two dates with the landlady known only as Ms E. After Ms E contacted PS Vaughan through one of his police colleagues, they had sex on two occasions.

Ms E, the manager of the Wellington bar in Welwyn Village, Herts, felt she was pregnant after sleeping with PS Vaughan and then showed up at his house inebriated one evening, prompting him to contact the police to persuade her to leave, according to a disciplinary panel.

Vaughan also exchanged texts with Ms C, a barmaid at the force’s control room, about arranging some job experience. He allegedly texted a police colleague “sexual, vulgar, and cynical” comments about her.

“Odds on me shagging her (hand up emoji),” he wrote in one of his conversations to his coworker PC A.

PS Vaughan’s texts to the youngster were said to be “a deliberate artifice to come in contact with Ms C in order to judge whether or not she was open to meeting for a potentially sexual encounter.”

The police officer who was dismissed from the force last week after being found for gross misconduct, reportedly tried to form relationships with a total of four women whom he met as a police officer.

The independent panel which sat on September 21, found that PS Vaughan had: 

– Used his position by forming and/or attempting to form relationships with members of the public who he met through his work.

– Failed to treat colleagues and/or members of the public with courtesy and respect.

– Had behaved in a discriminatory way towards colleagues.

– Had regularly spoken about women in a disrespectful way.

The police officer was also found to have made daily comments of a sexual nature about female colleagues passing by the window of his office. One officer, PC Hayley Twist, said the remarks included “she’s nice” and “I know what I would like to do to her”.

Claims of him telling a colleague “your missus has big t**s”, was not found to be proven. Other allegations which include telling same colleague that his 13-year-old daughter was attractive and asking when she would turn 18, were dismissed.


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