Court grants Cubana Chief Priest ₦10m bail


Cubana Chief Priest has been granted a bail of ₦10m with two sureties after he was arraigned in court for Naira abuse by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria.

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During the court proceedings, Cubana reportedly pleaded not guilty to the three-count charge which was filed against him by the EFCC. The court then granted him bail of ₦10m with two responsible sureties.

The sureties must be gainfully employed with the federal or state government and not less than grade level 16. The sureties are also to have landed property and the document must be verified by the court.

Additionally, the court will cease Cubana’s travel passport and the bail conditions must be perfected within seven days, thus, he was released to his lawyer and the lawyer must give an undertaken to take Cubana to court later, if he refuses to do so, Cubana will be remanded in correctional facility.

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