D-Black questions Chart Ghana’s Exclusion of Gyakie and Sefa from Artist of the Month ranking


Ghanaian Rapper Desmond Blackmore well known as D-Black is not happy with the fact Sefa, a singer signed unto his record label and Gyakie were not included in the best Acts of the month list.

April has ended and One of Ghana’s top musical rankings, Charts Ghana has released a 10 man list of Artists who excelled with their music within the month of April but that does not include Sefa nor Gyakie.

Gyakie has been a household name on the lips of Ghanaians with her Forever song still being at the center of attention. Sefa on the other hand released a tune ‘Echoke’ with mind blowing visuals featuring Mr. Drew.

Thus according to D-Black has made enough impact in the music scene to grab them a spot on the list of top 10 artists of the month.

Where’s Gyakie and Sefa? D-Black quiz in response to the list

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