Date Rush viewers alleges Fatima only got a date because the show is coming to an end to make way for Ghana’s Most Beautiful


– Viewers of Date Rush claim the show could be coming to an end soon.

– They strongly believe it will be put on hold to make way for another popular program dubbed Ghana’s most Beautiful

– The viewers are claiming that is the only reason the Star girl of the show finally got a date.

When it’s Sunday evening, there’s one name you have on your mind that will get you entertained, And it’s no other name than Fatima, In fact your sunday nights just won’t be boring of you switch your channel to TV3 to catch a glimpse of Date Rush.

Fatima has been the Star of the Show since she made an appearance and her comic actions has got many in love with the program.

She sent an entire season without getting a date, as happy as viewers of the program will be for him to grab a man, they are still praying she doesn’t so they could be enjoying her actions being a fan favorite.

The day finally arrived in yesterdays program when Fatima won the hearts of a gentleman on the program leading to trend number on the Ghanaian social media platforms.

Fatima and her new found Love

Almost Everyone is predicting the show will not be entertaining enough without Fatima but one Viewer also indicates the it was script for her to get a date since the show is coming to an end for another program.

Ghana’s most Beautiful is also another entertaining program aired on TV3 every Sunday night at the same time Date Rush is aired. If this reports come out to be true, it will be understandable why Fatima has been let go of.

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