IRL CEO David Deuces and Annie Bitsy welcomes their first child, a baby girl


Guys your very own Inner Real Life CEO and artist manager, David Deuces and his beautiful and amazing wife-to-be, Annie Bitsy has welcomed their first child together and is a beautiful bouncing baby girl .

The new daddy and mummy announced the news on their various social media platforms as they express their overwhelming joy with their fans, friends and family.

Announcing the arrival of his newly born baby, Daddy Deuces wrote; “I want to thank the most high God for this great blessing ,It was a bouncing baby beautiful girl ?❤️,and also congratulations to my beautiful wife-to-be Annie Bitsy for making me a father ,I promise my daughter the best life ever since we have God everything is on him ❤️??#FamilyGoalsActivatedByGod❤️?”

Mummy Annie also wrote; “I never knew God will favor me this way??he has turn my life around, thank you father ??you are not a man that lies! My pregnancy was soo easy that I never felt sick or even had any complications. I was soo strong ? like never before but when my princess was ready to come it wasn’t easy?I was in labour for almost 9hours! I cried, prayed,screamed and God finally answered ??.sweet Jesus thank you very much “

The two lovers have been together for a couple years now.

A big congratulations to them .

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