Davido’s Albums and its Top hits Songs


In the first decade of his career, Davido has got 5 albums to his credit.

These albums namely Omo Baba Olowo which is his debut album in 2012, The Baddest in 2015, Son of Mercy 2016, A Good Time 2019 and A Better time released in 2020 have some of the hottest Afrobeats jams, the Afrobeats has ever seen as a genre.

This post will give you a list of all the songs which made up the various albums in order of their release date and what can technically be said to be the biggest song in each individual album

Omo Baba Olowo

This is the first album of Davido and just as the title translate Davido truly announced himself as the “Son of a rich man”

The album is 17 track in all and came with Dami Duro which without a doubt can be said to be the biggest song on the album.

Other songs on it includes:

  1. All of You
  2. Back When
  3. New Skul Tinz
  4. Video
  5. Ekuro
  6. Down
  7. No visa
  8. Enter the center
  9. Dollars in the Bank
  10. Sade
  11. Gbon Gbon
  12. Over Sea
  13. Bless Me
  14. For You
  15. Feel Alright
  16. Mary Jane
  17. Dami Duro

The Baddest

The Baddest is the second album of Davido, it was released in 2015.

This album came with some timeless hit songs namely, Aye, Gobe, Skelewu, Tchelete. It’s difficult to single out which was really the biggest song on this album.

In all, 23 songs were on this album which are as follows;

  1. Owo Ni Koko
  2. Chillin
  3. Biggest Backside
  4. Laleyi (Tonight)
  5. Fans Mi
  6. Kekwanu
  7. Shayo Galore
  8. Secret Agenda
  9. Won Le Ba
  10. Wetin U Say?
  11. Get To You
  12. All Fingers
  13. New York City
  14. Dodo
  15. The Sound
  16. Share My Blessings
  17. Embargo
  18. Package
  19. Galilee
  20. Skelewu
  21. Gobe
  22. Aye
  23. Tchelete

Son Of Mercy

This was released in 2016 but wasn’t ultimately a full album but an Extended Play(EP)

In all it had 5 songs which are

  • Gbagbe Oshi
  • Maga 2 Mugu
  • Coolest Kid in Africa
  • Return
  • How long

A Good Time

Released in 2029, This album comes with its own issues for obvious reasons.

It’s the album which brought about the “Assurance”, that song coupled with the love affair of Davido and Chioma Avril Rowland made it one of his most recognized albums.

Unfortunately, after the Assurance was given to Chioma, Davido and his Chioma are no longer as they used to be, they relationship seem to have collapsed.

The album equally came with songs such as “If and Fall” which without a doubt is Davido’s biggest song based on the number of views on YouTube and “blow my mind” which features Chris Brown, other songs on the album includes;

  1. 1 Milli
  2. Check Am
  3. Disturbance
  4. If
  5. D & G
  6. Get to You
  7. Risky
  8. Sweet in the Middle
  9. Fall
  10. Green Light Riddim
  11. Big Picture
  12. One Thing
  13. Assurance
  14. Blow My Mind
  15. Company
  16. Animashaun

A Better Time

This is the 5th and most recent album of Davido

It was released in 2020 with 17 songs.

  1. Fem
  2. Jowo
  3. Something fishy
  4. Holy Ground
  5. Heaven
  6. Very Special
  7. The Best
  8. Shopping Spree
  9. Sunlight
  10. Tanana
  11. Mebe
  12. La La
  13. So Crazy
  14. Birthday Cake
  15. I got a friend
  16. Fade
  17. On my way

So yes, there you have it, a list of all the five albums of Davido far in his career after 10 years and all the songs which made up individual albums.

You have your favorite, kindly share with us with your comments in the comment section.

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