Death trap: Sad situation of Kumasi-Roundabout airport road


Death trap as the road leading to a regional airport is in a bad shape.

Ghanaians are raising concerns over the fast deterioration of roads, only a few years after they are constructed. This situation seems to make mockery of the millions of cedis that is pumped into the road sector each year. 

What then accounts for the short lifespan of roads in the country? Bad nature of roads has led to the lost of lives. Over-speeding, reckless over-taking and bad road network all contribute to the current road carnage on the road.

It is also of great concern to the many Ghanaians for the major roads to be dualize.

A concerned Ghanaian has taken to social media to draw the attention of the authorities in fixing a major road leading to a regional airport.

The gentleman who filmed indicated that the ‘Dichemso’ stretch leads to the Kumasi airport is gradually becoming a death trap and those in charge must not hesitate to fix it.

He posited “this is the road leading to an airport and it’s in a bad state. Erosion has taken place and a big hole is created. This is not an overhead but a major road with cars plying on it.

Should it rain and gets flooded, wouldn’t there be an accident. Someone who doesn’t know this current state of the road will fall in this hole. The heavy vehicles moving on the road are in real danger.”

“I would like to appeal to the authorities to do something on a major road like this. Traffic lights are also not working I drive on it. What surprises me the most is that ECG and the DVLA offices are just right here, where people pay their road worthy.”

You can watch the video below

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