Despite ECOWAS Sanctions, Sierra Leone Prez Julius Bio, Lands In Guinea Conakry, Faces Doumbouya


Democracy is defined as “the system of governance for the people, of the people and by the people.

That is to say the people of the country must be involved in decision making and determining who rules over them. It is for this purpose that Greek philosophers forged the word, Democracy.

An African adage says ” the bird which stays longer on a tree is hit with a stone,” hence leaders who overstay their welcome in office by devising schemes and conniving with judges to alter the Constitution, are indirectly calling for an uprising.

Many African Presidents who later became dictators forgot the essence of democracy by acting contrary to the values and principles of the State and extending their term limits through the manipulation of the Constitution and that doesn’t augur well for peaceful governance.

Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio has today, the 11th of October 2021 has paid a visit to Guinea and he was received by the interim President of the transition, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya and the Prime Minister, Mohammed Beavogui.

ECOWAS, the regional bloc within the West African Sub Region which is charged with the responsibility of ensuring and sustaining Peace and democracy, have suspended Guinea from participating in it’s activities due the Coup which ousted their preferred candidate, Alpha Conde. 

The established body has constantly champion these principles and have persisted in defending it. But many critics are of the view that, this union should be firm and blunt in the face of gross human rights violations and constitutional breeches of sitting Presidents. As a head of State of a sovereign nation, President Maada Bio visits seems to indicate that he has ignored the sanctions against the junta. 

The purpose of the visit according to the sources is for them to discuss the strengthening of the border between the two countries and in addition settle disputes. Is the President”s visit really justified enough to ignore ECOWAS sanctions and be with someone who has staged a coup? Or it’s the right thing to do.?


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