DJ Oskido Net Worth – A Look Into The Wealthy Life Of The Church Grooves Artist.


Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa, popularly known as DJ Oskido is a South African musician regarded as the pioneer of the Kwaito genre of music.

He is one of the richest musicians in South Africa with an estimation of $2 million.

Oskido makes his money from his career as a musician, DJ and record producer.

Quick Profile Of DJ Oskido.

Real name: Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa.

Net worth: $2 million.

Age: 53 years old.

Record Label: Kalawa Jazmee Records.

Source of income: Music, Businesses and Endorsements.

A Look At The Wealthy Living Of DJ Oskido.

Considering the properties own by DJ Oskido including his luxury cars, he is estimated to be worth $2 million.

However, DJ Oskido sometimes boasts of a net worth more than what he is estimated to have earned.

His fortune was built through combined sources of music endorsement deals, businesses and many more.

Among DJ Oskido’s luxury cars include a Bentley and Mercedes Benz S-class.

The Humble Beginning Of DJ Oskido In The Music Industry.

DJ Oskido started music at an early age when he was not recognized by anyone.

He then decided to volunteer as a DJ for Razzmatazz after the then DJ didn’t show up for work. He took that opportunity to impress the management with his talent as a DJ and was made a permanent worker.

He was made to run a family business in a supermarket after he graduated from high school but he opted to leave it and chase his career of becoming a musical artist.

His Albums And Popular Songs So Far.

As said earlier, DJ Oskido is regarded as one of the first South African musicians to produce Kwaito songs.

Some of his debut albums and hit songs are listed below:


• I believe (2012).

50 Degrees (2017).

Keep The Faith (2020) and others.

Hit Songs

Tembisa Funk – Church Grooves 6 compilation (2007).

Tsa Ma Ndebele Kids – ft Candy (2013).

Ndoquena – ft Toshi (2019) and many more.

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