DKB metaphorically Reply Akuapem Poloo


DKB has replied indirectly to claims made by Akuapem Poloo that the donations he took on her behalf when She was in custody are yet to be handed over to her.

Earlier this morning, Akuapem Poloo said it has become necessary for her to open up on the matter because those who helped her thought she has been ungrateful for not thanking them.

Poloo said when she contacted DKB to verify if indeed he took monies on her behalf and how much the amount was, DKB never responded to her calls.

This expose by Akuapem Poloo is having divided views online with one group saying DKB was taking advantage of the situation while other group say Akuapem Poloo should have contacted DKB behind closed doors than coming to social media.

In what looks like an indirect reply, DKB has shared a picture of a cheetah trapped with a metallic saucepan which literally means, it was dangerous for him to have stood in for Akuapem Poloo when she had issues with the law which landed her in jail.

Even though he didn’t add any caption to the picture, whoever undertake literature and can make meanings from images can decide what the comedian meant by sharing that picture.

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