“Do you now read minds to know you would have been beaten more if you were Ewe?” Netizens ask Caleb Kudah


Caleb Kudah’s revelation after his release from National Security is one that is raising eyebrows and generating a lot of heated arguments among Ghanaians.

Revealing the terrible treatments he went through during his interrogation, Caleb claim he denied being a tribe of the Volta Land because he would have been assaulted more than he received had he mentioned his true origin.

But many social media users are of the view his answer to a simple question “What tribe are you” which he replied claiming he is from cape coast is a mischief.

With Caleb’s main reason of denying his ewe status being to avoid beatings, a social twitter user question how he was able to know the officers would have beaten him more if he reveal he hails from the Volta Region.

“Can he now read minds to know that he identifying with the Ewe tribe would warrant him extra assault?” @Danny asked

This question was raised in the comments section of TV3 Journalist, Berla Mundi who said she is left heartbroken by his colleagues revelation of tribal bullying.

Meanwhile some other people are also not in support of Calebs answer with claims he just want to play victim of tribalism.

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