Do you remember Aliyah of Kumkum bhagya: meet her husband and beautiful daughter


Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian Telenovela, which was brought to Ghana by Adom TV and was broadcasted in Twi. There is no doubt that a lot of people will still remember Aliyah who featured in the film, and we have decided to let you meet her husband and beautiful daughter. 

One of the major character in the film was Aliya Abhishek’s Sister.

Abhi was having two mates Tanu and Pragya, yet unfortunately Aliyah being the sister in-law could have done without Pragya that much when stood out from how she cherishes Tanu. So the two of them Planned to do whatever they can to get Pragya out of the house, and peculiarly, they did whatever they could anyway, but they did not succeed. 

The course of action was so fun and educative to watch, essentially every Ghanaian watched it. Since it was broadcasted in our own language that is Twi which made people undoubtably loved it, even adults created time to watched it. 

Here are some great photos of Aliya, her appealing life partner and beautiful young daughter.

Aliya and Husband chilling

Aliya and her beautiful daughter

Aliya and her husband

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