Doctor revealed how many times men needs to have sex in a month to avoid prostrate cancer or cardiovascular issues


There was an interview with Dr. Rasheed Adedapo Abassi, a well-known Nigerian doctor, on Classic FM, a Nigerian radio station. During the interview, Dr. Abassi made a claim regarding the male genitalia. It’s always interesting to hear different perspectives and insights from professionals in their respective fields.

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According to the doctor, Dr. Rasheed Adedapo Abassi, he mentioned that it is recommended for men to engage in sexual activity around 21 times per month.

He believes that regular sexual activity can help lower the risk of developing prostate cancer and cardiovascular issues. The doctor emphasized that it is through sexual activity that the male genitalia is exercised, particularly through erections. 

“ The concept in physiology if you don’t use it, you will loose it the only form of exercise your prostrate gland get is during erection and that erection comes with a sexual activity so the study is abundantly clear that a man in healthy shape should be able to have sexual interaction 21 times a month to avoid prostrate issues or cardiovascular issues”. He said

Dr. Rasheed Adedapo Abassi also mentioned that the lack of exercise for the glands can potentially lead to enlargement, which may be a sign of cancer. He emphasized the importance for men with wives to prioritize their sexual needs and find ways to ensure they have a fulfilling and active sex life. 

“If you don’t exercise the gland it swells on you it becomes enlarged when it becomes enlarged that is the gateway to cancer, so yes you have a beautiful wife do whatever it takes to please that woman so she can give it to you 21 times a month. He added

Dr. Rasheed Adedapo Abassi also expressed his support for men who seek sexual fulfillment outside of their marriages if their needs are not being met. He believes that men are naturally inclined or wired to be polygamous. 

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“If she doesn’t please you I advocate my patients to have a sidechick your sidechick will be on contract and you just know you will have to do your 21 to avoid prostrate cancer.

“And physiologically men are known to be polygamous our DNA is wired to be polygamous”, He added 

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