Doctors forgot scissors inside the womb of a pregnant woman for seven years


This is unprofessional and unacceptable. If it is proven to be true, then the doctor license should be withdrawn and banned from practicing for a period. Go to his/her files, the patients he/she works on for the last 10 years should be recalled and rechecked.

As reported, a Beautiful patient called by the name Zainab Kamara who left to the hospital for a Caesarian operation and lost the baby at Port Loko district was left with chronic  pains after a doctor that operated her negligently left scissors inside her Stomach that later shifted to her pelvic.

This lady has been suffering with this discomfort for 7years and later an X-ray was performed on her and the findings indicates Scissors is in a pelvic area, according to sources physicians were frightened to do the operation because they understood it’s to be a risky one.

Enduring this pain for over a 7 years, the Scissors was successfully removed by an  Expert Doctor from another country at the Masanga Hospital Tonkolili District. As shown, the X-RAY pictures of Zainab and the Scissor that was removed below.

The hospital authorities known as WIMSAL President Femi Jarret Coker through a Facebook post she created, she is calling on  the Government, Ministry of Health and Sanitation to please investigate the Doctor for such terrible mistake and also calling on people with similar issues to please speak up.

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