Don’t be surprised if you find out I’m dating Kidi- Cina Soul confirms rumors


The two Ghanaian musicians have been rumored to being in a romantic relationship for some time now following the movie Sugar they both featured in as the main characters.

The rumors like that of almost all celebrity relationships have been responded to by both musicians to be untrue and that they are good friends who are seen together for work reasons.

An unusual video however popped up online of Kidi and Cina Soul sharing an intimate moment at Kidi’s birthday party few weeks ago.They were caught on camera almost kissing that night.

Cina soul went on a media tour to promote her new single with Kidi titled “feelings”.In the course of her interview at neatfm1009 when asked why Kidi loves her, disclosed she has been hanging out with Kidi since her university days at Legon so we should not be surprised if they are dating. It is possible.

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