“Don’t go for multimillionaires with illegal money”- Zubby Michael reveals he makes his money Genuinely and not support illegal money


Award winning Nollywood actor Zubby Michael has sent some caution to the youth to hustle for Genuine money because it comes with future implications.

In a recent video he shared on Instagram the “Bad boy” actor said it’s better for young women to be with guys who have basic things by legal means than be chasing others into illegal stuff.

“You duped someone for money and he hanged himself and you want to enjoy that money with peace?” He said

He went further to state that even if the law does not come after you for acquiring illegal wealth, there are of course spiritual implications attached to it you cannot run away from.

Nigeria has been battling with issues of serious crimes with respect to money.

From internet fraud, terrorism, drugs and even money rituals.

Zubby believes those are not worth it for money acquired through hard work last longer.

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