“Don’t know why Ghana girls like my trousers like that, what are they looking for down there” – Shatta Wale asks


– Shatta Wale is wondering why Ladies seems to be so interested in his trousers

– He questioned what exactly they have been looking for that they can’t take their eyes off his down side.

Shatta Wale is not stopping his funny social media activities any time soon, his ability to crack you up in the most hilarious way remains one of his best thing on various platforms.

He is one if those who love to allow his fans yo update their wallpapers and screen savers by releasing new pictures quickly.

Some of his pictures he dropped gives hints of the huge size of his banana

The reactions he gets from this kind of pictures has made him question why much attention is being focused on his trousers.

“Don’t know why Ghana girl like my trousers like this ??. What are they looking for down there” he wrote

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