Doumbouya bans special forces members from contesting in the national and local elections; preparing to hand over power to a civilian government


Alpha Conde had imposed himself on the people of Guinea indiscriminately. He had suprressed all freedoms of speech,. Social media has been a subject of controversy in the recent past.

The West African nation has often times been a subject of lawlessness and criminality which all have been orchestrated by the men in uniform. At the height of the 2010 elections, Conde masterminded constitutional amendments which changed a presidential term from five to six years.

The elections subsequently were marred by widespread violence and rigging. Conde’s  government practiced high end corruption, nepotism in key government positions and many similar acts such as poverty amongst the citizens, inflation, corrupt legal system,  unemployment among the youth to mention but a few.

Subsequently, his ill intentioned army has turned the guns against him. They claim they cannot harbor a man of his actions. Looking at the government in Conakry, all it’s actions do not differ from the actions of the government in other places.

The highest criminality just as it is in Conakry has been carried out by the men in uniform and gun wielding goons.

In a gesture to guarantee steady transfer of power to the civilians, Guinean Coup Leaders led by Mamady Doumbouya announced on Monday its units are banned from taking part in the next national or local elections, and that it will approve on the duration of transition to elections with an 81-member Transitional National Council (TNC).

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