Doumbouya has ordered the magistrates who imprisoned opponents on Alpha Conde instructions, must make a public apology with immediate effect


Many Africans feel ashamed that corrupt dictators of Africa who are clinging on to power are not the types like Kwame Nkrumah or Gaddafi. Unfortunately, they are only useful in looking for money to board luxurious planes at the expense of the suffering people who sleep in the open.

Where is the African solution to African problems we preach everyday. You can roll out policies for all we care if the political instability and human rights abuses and despotic regime does not becomes a thing of the past in this beautiful continent we will not be very economical powerful. Our economic potential will be dependent on our political unity.

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Dictators and tyrant because of their addictive was to power they are not ready to compromise in order to make the political unity of African manifest. That is what obstructed the first wave of African unity leaders newly independent state did not want to transfer some political authority to a one central political power to command African affairs.

Many have mixed feelings and emotions because of the present worrying state of Africa as a continent. However, majority are also optimistic taking into account what youths and youth groups are doing across the continent in diverse spheres of life especially what colonel Dombouya has started.

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Such leaders have become the destiny of many of our youths of modern-day as they follow them sheepishly without thinking. Colonel Doumbouya is showing them how to govern a country.

Bruce Lee once said “mistakes are forgivable when he who committed it has the courage to admit it” hence anybody who is at fault for a mistake must apologize to seek for reconciliation.

The Guinean coup leader has ordered the magistrates who imprisoned opponents on Alpha Conde instructions, must make a public apology.

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