Doumbouya must refuse to handover Power and contest as President of Guinea because he is a presidential material – Expert say


Long time Guinean opposition politician, who became president following a coup led by the junta leader Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, decided himself to become the mirror image of what he opposed for so long.

Prof. Alpha Conde disregarded and annulled the constitution that brought him to power and stayed beyond his two-term limit.

Currently, a military Coup has toppled his government and is under house arrest. If we keep clapping on and rolling out red carpets for our leaders under whose helm our institutions are rotting away, we shall live to bear the brunt in years to come. 

Many Africans are opposed to any coup in Africa in this 21st century. However it is clear to state that President Alpha Condé had an opportunity to leave power peacefully in October last year after serving his 2 terms in respect of the constitution of the Republic of Guinea; just as some renowned former President like Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere and others had done by leaving a lasting legacy.

However, the octogenarian Guinean Head of State refused and tampered with the Guinean Constitution to impose an unpopular third term victory that was marred by deadly protests.

Many were injured and others killed, this was the main cause of the coup led by Doumbouya. 

The African Union Commission of course Strongly Condemned, urged all sides to observe restrain, and demanded an immediate return to constitutional order.

Various governance experts proposal in relation to Colonel Doumbouya’s statement in the wake of this chaotic take over is that there should be need for accountability.

According to Doumbouya, the coup was necessary because of Guinea’s deep despair amidst rampant poverty and corruption, he also said that the existing institutions were incapable of resolving the crises which had been confronting Guinea because they approve the third illegitimate mandate of the ousted President.

Doumbouya has proven to a man of his words and initially announced the suspension of the Constitution and a transition team to be created. He has vowed to put in place an all inclusive government and after he was sworn in as the interim president of the transition, has also chosen a civilian to serve as the prime minister of the transition.

The special forces commander has the support of the masses and a few initiatives of his was the release of political detainees under Alpha Conde and engaging mining companies to create jobs for the local people to be employed. Are these not the traits of a leader?

The elite soldier has qualities of civilian in uniform which will make him an excellent leader should he even refuse to hand over as the interim president to contest in the general elections.

I personally think he should contest in the general elections and win to serve the masses.


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