Doumbouya outperforms Alpha Conde: Here are 11 ministries deleted by Doumbouya in his government


The interim President of the Republic of Guinea, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya and his military men seized power from President Alpha Condé on 5th September 2021. Mamady Doumbouya was sworn into office on 1st October 2021 and he has begun a serious transformation work in Guinea. He has appointed some leadership of the former Alpha Condé’s government and his own military men to work with.

One of the decisions which cost a country’s finance is the number of Ministers used by a government in running the affairs of the country. Here in Ghana, people have been complaining about the elephant size of the government of President Akufo-Addo but in Guinea, Mamady has deleted 11 ministries from Alpha Condé’s government.

Here are the 11 ministries deleted by Mamadi Doumbouya:

1) Ministry of Sport, deleted (added to Youth Ministry).

2) Ministry of Culture and Historic Heritage deleted (added to the Ministry of Tourism and Crafts).

3) Ministry of Sanitation and Hydraulic, deleted (Hydraulic part goes to the Ministry of Energy and the Sanitation part should be assigned either to the territorial administration as before or to the Environment).

4) Ministry of Transport joins the Ministry of Public Works to become the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation.

5) Ministry of Planning and Economic Development joins the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

6) Ministry of Citizenship and National Unity, purely and simply deleted. (Since we have a ministry of justice and human rights).

7) Ministry of Trade joins the Ministry of Industry and SME.

8) The Ministries of Women’s Rights and Empowerment and Social Actions and Children are gathered to become the Ministry of Women’s Advancement, Childhood and Vulnerable People.

9) Ministry of Investments and PPPs, purely and simply deleted (should naturally, with APIP, join the Ministry of Trade, Industry and SME).

10) Ministry of African Cooperation and Integration, deleted and joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

11) Ministry of Hydrocarbons, deleted and returned to the Ministry of Energy.


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