Down to earth; Doumbouya joins comrades in arms to pray today on Jumah muburak in Conakry mosque; the love is deep


Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, boss of the Special Forces Group, appears today as the “savior” of the Guinean people. A people disillusioned with politics and who aspire to only one thing: to be governed normally by the elites who will put themselves at their service and not by the elites who will use them, as is the case always.

By registering since September 5 in a logic of military transition, Guinea has just joined, in the sub-region, the list of politically failing states, which are experiencing almost the same situation. These are in particular Mali and Chad. Note that Côte d’Ivoire is another country through which a multifaceted political crisis has not yet finished delivering all of its consequences.

All of these changes come at a time when Mali and Chad are directly grappling with Islamic terrorism. Faced with the rise of this scourge, the countries of the Gulf of Guinea are not immune to the threat that is increasingly metastasizing in the ECOWAS region.

All the more so as the political and economic bankruptcy of certain states in the sub-region risks transforming it into a kind of reservoir for the recruitment of future jihadists. A formidable outcome for a desperate and disappointed youth of the political elites, unable to offer adequate solutions to their existential worries.

The new military authorities in Guinea therefore have their work cut out for them. During the transition to a civilian regime, they must eliminate the causes of the nation’s political and economic decline and lay the foundations for a free, just, democratic and self-reconciled society.

That’s exactly what this man is currently doing. Doumbouya, who is so down to earth joined his fellow comrades in arms to pray today. Friday is dubbed Jumah mubarak by Muslims across the globe and Doumbouya has humbly prayed like any other person despite being the president of the interim government.

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