Drake explain why you shouldn’t talk life goals around people who don’t have the same hunger as you


Canadian born Rapper, Drake is widely known for his Rap punchlines but it seems he has some hidden talent of giving great advices as well that we all don’t know about.

Life goals are thoughts that keeps you working hard and driving towards a certain direction in life. We most often discuss this thoughts with our peers who could be in a position of giving some motivations towards a certain goal or help design extra plan in achieving such goals.

However not everyone understands the importance of setting a high standard for themselves and as the saying goes ‘Birds of the same feathers flock together’ this highly demanding determination to achieve something must only be discussed with only one who has the same desire as yourself.

Drake made it very understandable that there is no point in holding any form of discussion concerning your Life goals with people who do not have interest in setting this same level of higher standards you have for yourself because it’s going to look like you are just bragging.

“You can’t talk life goals around people who don’t have the same hunger as you, it’ll just sound like you’re bragging” Drake stated

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