Drama as girlfriend !nsult his boyfriends mother when she visited him thinking he got a maid


A disrespectful lady could be on the verge of losing her boyfriend after showing her true character during her visit to her man’s house.

The lady had not set eyes on her potential mother in law before and had no idea who exactly she is.


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One day, she arrived at the home of her boyfriend and met an aged woman right in the hall minding her own business.

Instead of finding out who she was, she put up her disrespectful character by ordering her to do few things including taking her bags upstairs.

This was because she thought her man had gone in for a made who will be assisting them in doing few things in the house.

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The woman remained calm and greeted her with some polite voice but the young lady continued to shout at her.

She continued yelling at her until her boyfriend arrived only to tell her that the woman she was busily shouting at is his mother.

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S@dly, the woman was deaf which means she did not hear anything the lady said to her throughout those dramatic moments.