Each time I want to fight for African rights, I use only one hand — Benjamin Burombo


“Each time I want to fight for African rights, I use only one hand — because the other hand is busy trying to keep away Africans who are fighting me.” – Benjamin Burombo

It is an explicit fact that most Africans do not like working together towards a positive goal. We tend to fight against those who stand out to fight for the interest of our own good.

We’ve seen so many attacks on personalities who constructively criticize a sitting government. The funniest aspect of it all is that, those you fight for are the very ones who’ll stand against you.

This is beyond comprehension

Talking about the recent curses on Twene Jonas TV , I have this to say.

Which types of gods do we have?
Are they gods that are only capable of accepting curses against those who have the passion to probe the competence of our leaders?

Why can’t we channel the energy we have for cursing people into helping the development of our motherland Ghana?

So the gods cannot fight for the good of our traditional areas?

The gods cannot fight those elders selling the land to illegal miners, leading to the destruction of the land and the water bodies?

So the gods can only kill those who criticize and insult the wickedness of our leaders?

These gods are wonderful.

Ah anyway, we have youthful Ghanaians supporting this. The same people these bold individuals are fighting for are against the agenda.

What a shame !!

We are the cause of the problems. I mean you and I. Let us all arise for a change and see if our greedy leaders will not wake up from their slumbers.

We have everything but we do not have anything and that’s the predicament of the nation Ghana.

Happy African Union Day to those who are happy in Africa.

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