Efya Allegedly bought Moesha’s Range Rover for 15k Dollars at a Time She Knew Moesha was mentally unstable


An Instagram blogger Cutie Julls has accused singer Efya for being a bad friend and thus taking advantage of Moesha’s situations.

Talks about Moesha having a mental breakdown has taken over the internet after some videos of her post her repentance.

In a lengthy post shared by the controversial blogger, Efya was accused for buying Moesha’s Range Rover Evoque for 15,000 dollars.

The blogger revealed that Efya even introduced Moesha to taking some drugs and other hard drinks.

Even when people close to Moesha contacted her to pay the 15,000 so they can get the car back for the actress, Efya declined saying once she bought the car at that cheap rate that’s all.

Moesha Boduong has been in the news for the last days over her sudden change and her quest of giving her life to Christ.

The blogger accused Efya for being a thief and someone who should be avoided because she is dangerous.


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