Egypt will spend $4.5 billion on its first high-speed train.


Egypt will spend $4.5 billion to create its first high-speed train.

Egypt, a country in northern Africa, is in the process of getting a high-speed train that will run through the desert and connect the ancient and tourist city of Cairo with other parts of the country.

Egyptian president Abdel-Fattah

The project will be carried out by Siemens Mobility, a German business that was signed earlier this month alongside the Egyptian National Authority Tunnel (NAT). Siemens will collaborate with Orascom Construction S.A.E., an Arab contractor.

The design is thought to be in the shape of a Suez Canal-style link on the track. The Suez Canal is a manmade sea level waterway in Egypt that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, as well as Asia and Africa. Siemens technology will deliver core technologies such as high-speed trains, rail infrastructure, and commuter trains. NAT will supply the designs for the tunnels and bridges.

The project is planned to cost roughly $4.5 billion and transport around 30 million people each year. The high-speed rail is expected to save travelers time by cutting travel time in half. The contract itself is estimated to create approximately 15,000 jobs for locals. It is expected to be completed in 2027.

According to Egypt’s transport minister, Kamel El-Wazir, who claimed in a news release, “the high-speed rail would boost the infrastructure of the area it goes through and help accomplish urban sprawl.”

Despite the fact that Egypt is one of Africa’s top tourist destinations, this project is intended to offer new doors to tourism. Michael Peters, CEO of Siemens Mobility, believes that the high-speed train will benefit not only the expanding population but also the economy.


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